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Administration Staff List

Principal: Tom Judd 
[email protected]
GLS: Casey Olson
[email protected]
Denise Sandifer
[email protected] 

Staff List

                                    2019-20 Staff List
 Name of Staff            Location                        Job Title 

Tom Judd                         Office                         Principal 
Casey Olson                   Office                           Guidance Learning Specialist
Denise Sandifer             Counseling Office GLS – Elem., Healthy Start and Project SMART 

Cheryl Gonzales            Office                          Office Manager 
Kathleen Cervantes      Office                         School Secretary 

Brian Kislin                      SRC - Office               Student Relations Liaison 
Vince                                 SRC - Office                SRC Instructional Aide 

Chris Martinez               Room 1                        Elem. Instructional Aide – McNair 
David Canjura                Room 5                         Intervention Instructional Aide – Egbuziem 

Matt Bumatay               Room 6                         Jr. High Instructional Aide - Anaforian 
Diana Miller                   Room 7                         Jr. High Instructional Aide - Williamson 

Cole Escovedo               Room 8                         Intervention Instructional Aide - Babcock 
Jake Cowger                   Room 10                      HS Instructional Aide – Schiller
Katie Gee                        Room 11                      HS Instructional Aide - Gee 
Trey Lake                        Room 12                     HS Instructional Aide - Hammond 
Robbie Garcia                Room 14                     HS Instructional Aide - Contreras 
Denise Collins                Room 4                       RSP Instructional Aide 
Irina Hernandez            Room 4                       RSP Instructional Aide 
Shanell Contreras         Room 4                       RSP Instructional Aide 
Lee Williams                   Room 4                       RSP Instructional Aide 

Doug Bolton                    Room 4                      One-on-One  w/student RSP Instructional Aide 

Philip Barsotti               Rooms 7 & 11             Secondary Math Intervention Aide 
Carter Schmalzel          Rooms 1 6 &12          Elementary and Secondary ELA Intervention Aide 
Temple Ginther             Room 3                         School Psychologist (Psych. Interns in room 9) 
Quinnett Swank             Room 3                        School Psychologist 

Greg Connor                   Gateway                       Transitions Coordinator 
Mercedes Olmos           Counseling Office       Transitions Counselor –
                                                                                    ELD Program and Project SMART 

Allix Roman-Espino       Counseling Office       Transitions SRL 
Josh Aguilar                     Counseling Office       Transitions SRL 

Rebecca Garcia             Room 1                             Transitions Instructional Aide 
Dawn McNair                Room 1                              Elem. Teacher 

Jason Anaforian             Room 6                             Jr. H. Teacher – English, Social Science and PE 
Todd Williamson           Room 7                             Jr. H. Teacher – Math and Science 

Scott Schiller                  Room 10                         HS Teacher – US and World History, Gov. and Edgenuity 
Chris Gee                         Room 11                         HS Teacher – Math and Business 

Katie Hammond             Room 12                         HS Teacher – English and Careers 
Corey Miller                     Room 13                         HS Teacher – PE, Health 

Francine Contreras       Room 14                         HS Teacher – Science and Art 
Kelli Cookingham          Room 15                         HS Teacher – CTE – Basic Foods and Edgenuity 

Okechukwu Egbuziem  Room 5                         Teacher – Intervention Teacher 
Paul Babcock                   Room 8                         Teacher – Intervention Teacher 

Meredith Pulliam             Room 4                         Resource Specialist Teacher (RSP) 

Jeff Kaiser                         Office                               SRO/School Resource Officer 

Santiago Lujan             All Classrooms                   CenCal Mentor 
Crystal Grijalva             All Classrooms                   CenCal Mentor Intern. 
Celia Garcia                   All Classrooms                   CenCal Mentor Intern. 

Maggie Pendleton       Gateway Office                   CCDS/Gateway Nurse 

Mike Reyes                   Gateway/SSSA                         Truant Officer 

Debbie Graeber             Cafeteria                               Campus Catering 

Manuel Heredia             Gateway                               Plant Manager 

Cruz Rodriguez             Gateway                               Custodian 

Armando Jimenez        Gateway                               Custodian 


1715 David E. Cook Way
Clovis, CA 93611
(559) 327-1980

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